A beautiful and spacious common space in the center of creative offices, adorned with a coffee shop that also serves savory treats, hand crafted wooden tables, exterior elements inside, and Adirondack chairs. Elevator Commons offers a variety of backgrounds and both indoor and outdoor spots perfect for the professional or personal profile. Meet us near the cafe counter.


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The City is our Photo Studio
We've curated some of the best places around Portland, Oregon, to capture eye-catching, natural-looking portraits. We believe you should look as great online as you do in real life. We find that when you're out in natural and public spaces, you'll forget you're on camera—and you'll look relaxed and just like YOU ... great!

How it Works
We offer fun locations to fit your personality and at convient times to fit your schedule. Sessions typically take less than 15 minutes (it's how we keep it affordable for you and profitable for our photographers) and you'll get professional photos to use on all your online profiles. Whether you need an eye-catching, up-to-date photo for your LinkedIn, Facebook, dating profile or any professional or personal needs—FotoSnap photographers have you covered.