How It Works: 3 Simple Steps

We’ve taken the hassle out of finding and booking a photographer. Follow these simple steps to easily book a convenient photo session.


Choose from a selection of convenient locations around town at a time that’s right for you. Book online. No hassles, no phone tag. Just book and you’re ready. Just $129.


After meeting our photographer on location, you’ll have 20-30 minutes of dedicated camera time. We’ll use different buildings as backdrops to give you a variety of shots to choose from.


We edit the best photos for you to choose from in about a week. Choose your favorite & download it for free! See more photos you like? They’re just $10 each.


All of our photo sessions are out of doors using our urban landscapes as unique backgrounds for your photos. Pick a location that’s convenient to you and we’ll meet you there! 

Goat Blocks in Portland

The goats may have left but the Goat Blocks are here to stay. Building facades have sophisticated colors and a urban village vibe.

Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego’s little urban core is the perfect place to take your picture. Especially convenient for those in Portland’s southern suburbs. 

The Pearl in Portland

One of our prettiest parts of town, The Pearl offers both urban backdrops and a park for shooting in the wild.

Beaverton’s little town square has come a long way. Located close to some of the metro area’s largest companies, this location is convenient for an after work session.