How it Works: 3 Simple Steps

1: Book

Choose from a selection of unique locations at a time that’s right for you.

2: Smile

After meeting our photographer on location, you’ll have 20-30 minutes of dedicated camera time.

3: Download

We pick, edit and share the best photos for you to choose from in about a week. Choose the one you want, download it for free!

More Info + Frequently Asked Questions

How does it all work?

It’s super easy. You need a photo for your profile so you choose a location that you like. Follow the links to book the session and prepay with your credit or debit card. You will receive a confirmation email at the time of booking and a reminder a few days before your photo session. On the day of the event, you just show up. Your session will last about 20-30 minutes. Within a week you’ll receive an email with instructions to download the photo of your choice from the best of the session. See more that you like? They can be downloaded for just $10 each.

How can it only be so inexpensive? How do the photographers make money?

The reason photoshoots cost, on average, what they do (in the $300-$500 range) is that the photographer must cover their expenses which include studio rent, sales and marketing, client management and lots of equipment. FotoSnap reduces those costs, allowing photographers to get paid for their time and talent without making the clients—that’s you—pay for unnecessary expenses. We partner with unique venues and scout fun locations to offer variety and great lighting&mash;that you don’t have to pay for.

Why am I promised just one photo?

A standard photography session of an hour will usually yield a dozen great photos, but to do that the photographer has to take hundreds of shots. The editing time alone then adds several hours on to the process and is why a normal head shot session will cost $150 – $500. This is why we only promise one great photo. We try to give you as many options to choose from as possible, but the number of those options is of course limited by the fact that not as many pictures can be taken in a short session.

What happens after the photo shoot?

Digital camera equipment is good, but much of the magic of professional photography happens in the editing process. Good cropping, exposure adjustment, and the tiniest of retouching can turn a good photo into a great one. After the shoot, our photographer will go back and work some magic edit the best of the bunch for you to choose from.

When do I get my photos?

We deliver a handful of photos for you to choose from within a week. You’ll receive an email with a link to your gallery and instructions on how to download your favorites.

How do I get my photos?

After the photographer has worked their magic, your photos will be uploaded to our website and passworded for your protection. You’ll receive an email with a link to your gallery, a password to get into it, and a code to use when you download the first photo of your choice because that one is included in your initial fee.

What if it’s been awhile and I decide I want to buy more?

You are welcome to go back and purchase any more photos that you might need. If you lose your password or gallery ID, just send us a quick email and we’ll hook you up. If we need to archive your photos after a while, we’ll shoot you an email first to let you know.

Do you do couples or groups?

We can accommodate up to three people together. With each person added to the group it generally takes a little more time to get everyone to be looking their best, not blinking, not having a stray hair in their face, etc. In order to take that extra time we ask that you pay per person. If there is two of you, it would be the session fee times two. For each person you add, you get more time and an additional included photo download. When you are booking a group you can pay all on one card, or each person can pay separately. If you are paying separately, please note in the comment section how many of you will be showing up together. On-site corporate groups take a little more care, so contact us for details.

Do you take senior portraits?

Our service isn’t designed to replace the traditional photo package with a zillion prints for grandma and the aunties. We don’t do those traditional poses or give you several outfit changes. That being said, if your teen just told you that yearbook pictures are due on Friday and you just need that one photo, we’ve got you covered.

Can I do a change of outfits?

FotoSnap photoshoots aren’t designed for outfit changes or multiple background settings. We  keep the price low so that if you need more than one look, you can book at more than one location. If you are getting photos for your online dating profile, multiple backgrounds work best.

I hate having my picture taken. What if I’m nervous?

All of us have had hundreds of bad pictures taken over the years. What to 99% of these photos have in common? They were taken by amateurs. Professional photographers have experience in getting the best from their subject. They know the tricks to getting you to relax and capturing your best look. They are also experts in editing software to polish the final image. So relax and let us do what we do best. And keep in mind that practice makes perfect; the more photo sessions you do, the better you’ll get at them.

I don’t see a venue that works for me. How often do you get new locations?

We are always looking for new locations. In summer, we take advantage of the great weather and add the facades of old buildings, graffiti painted walls, and cool urban parks for our backdrops, so we have lots of locations to choose from. For the rest of the year, creating the partnerships with businesses takes a little longer. We try to add locations to the calendar every week. The best way to learn about locations is to subscribe to our email blasts, but if you have a specific idea, feel free to email us with a suggestion or request.

Are you in other cities?

We’re hitting the road! While we’re still rocking it out in our home town Portland, Oregon, we’re expanding into other cities like Seattle and San Francisco. World domination takes time, however, so our schedules will be lighter there as we set up the infrastructure. Want us to come to your town? Just send us a wish and we’ll see if we can make it happen!