No matter which website we’re talking about, profile pictures are about the here and now. Your photos should be current and reflect the you of today. Here are some reasons that you might want to think about getting a new profile picture for your online profiles.

1.You changed your hair.

You were looking a little blah and now you have some sexy new highlights. Rock it out! The best pictures are the ones showing you happy and confident, and what’s better than a new sassy style? If you are doing any online dating, don’t let him search the room for a brunette on your first date if you’re now a platinum blonde. Make sure the you in your photos matches the you who shows up.

2. You’ve been working out.

Did your New Year’s resolution do the trick? You’re feeling like a whole new you and now you look like it. Let everyone else know, too. Show off the sleek new you with full length photo.

3. There’s no Christmas in July in online dating.

Photos should be current and relatable. If it’s 100 degrees in the shade and your profile shows you bundled up in the snow, potential dates might just think that you’re just not paying attention to your profile. Perhaps you started a relationship with your ski instructor and are of the market.

4.  You are looking for a promotion.

When you started in the company mail room right out of college, you obviously squeaked by despite the selfie take at your frat’s graduation party, but that was five years ago and you want to move up in the organization. And if not this organization, the one across town. “Dress for the job you want to have” is the old adage, and that goes for profile photos on LinkedIn. Time to take down the sweatshirt with the old college mascot dancing across your chest and trade it in for a suit and tie.



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